High-rise Cropped Hoodie
High-rise Cropped Hoodie

High-rise Cropped Hoodie

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The chances that anyone reads this is kind of like flipping a heads-up penny you found on the ground it it magnificently decapitating a bald eagle that just so happened to be diving down to the river bank for a poison fish snack. 

Aesthetically this draws directly from Pollock's earlier works (those produced between 38' - 45'), in particular "Number 26." But it's also repeating Twombly back to Twombly. Helen Frankenthaler & Joan Mitchell however became more important as the boys club was broken up generously by artists, scholars, & radical people. 

I'm interested in the scribble & the line & the high-rise buildings that show the range elemental strokes diaphragmatically fill, absorb, release, etc.  


Size Guide (Imperial)

Hoodie Length, in Chest Width, in Sleeve Length, in
XXS 16.1 30.7 20.5
XS 16.5 33.1 20.9
S 16.9 35.4 21.3
M 17.3 37.8 21.7
L 17.7 40.2 22.1
XL 18.1 42.5 22.4
2XL 18.5 44.9 22.8
3XL 18.9 47.2 23.2
4XL 19.3 49.6 23.6


  • Designed For Women

Key Features

 Handmade with premium polyester blend fabric, guarantee the soft wearing feeling.

 Classic round collar style. 

 High-rise Cropped Type.

 Roomy front pocket for must-have storage.


Adjust/Care Instructions


  Machine wash, gentle or delicate, Tumble dry at a low heat (not exceeding 55° C )