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Dynamic Abstract Forms with Radical Excerpts—The Stout Industrial Co. Designs & Off-Map Works

———What we do———

The Stout Industrial Co. designs custom mixed-media works across various surfaces, the results of which are then photographed, digitized with minimal editing, & finally printed by partners who manufacture textiles but specialize in printing on textiles, clothing, & apparel.

---Aesthetic approaches & philosophy---

Design Process

We attempt to produce aesthetically compelling works of visual art. These often are the signature of the clothing that sits somewhere between streetwear & alt_wear. 

These images are juxtaposed & asymmetrically pair'd with excerpted text. The language is drawn from a variety of sources, all of whom The Company considers radical or oblique or terroristic in their prophetic hallucinations. Some designs borrow language from the artists's or poet's corpus.

Aesthetic Impulses or Philosophy

The core of our aesthetic interest resides in the bridge between digital  reproductions of original designs & visual works & the addition of text.

There's an interdependence between text & image, a fundamental reliance upon the other for articulating the other into being & yet a total independence from that very articulation having any bearing upon the other for its existence.

(A painting is whether or not it's given text for the purposes of explanation or analysis.)

Even though we dynamite that very bridge & laugh at the shapes of the collapse & reformation, those quantum dynamics of here/not-here, immeasurable & observable with a catch, renew us again & again. 

These juxtapositions & pairings often employ excessive textual / typographical means in order to problematize the very nature of subject / object, of one who sees & one who's seen.

The likely illegibility (how exactly is anyone who's not you going to read 500 words of text printed on your sleeves?) of the garments paired with visual excess—in form, hue, kinetic energy—speak to this double-bind fundamental to the operation of fashion & clothing the human body.

It is performative, it may invite another to look, to stare, but it cloaks, it conceals.

We're interested in the text's function as a typographical cypher that short-circuits the operation of looking & reading of your body—the experience of being "read" physically is, after all, fraught—returning then the very phenomenology of reading others & their physical being to the other.


———Who we borrow from, who we breathe in———

The Company draws from a variety of poets, theorists, painters, friends, cousins, medieval mystics, graphic artists, strangers, criminals, from each other, in other words.

We're interested in things, in electromagnetic fictions you feel unequivocally, in merging lanes outside the lane, in the precipice itself, that verge of some|thing dancing circles around the square dance & folly of trying to codify its back-&-forth.

The Co. strives for visual dynamism, kinetic movement of visual forms, textural diversity & contrast, & stillness when it needs it.

The Company's listening with & learning from others all the time, those who've taught us about slope, brought us to the sharpening of a radical edge. These differed from parameters of official signs & roadmaps of the state. 

The inner chambers shared in the outside, where we mess with it in the mess of it.

The Co. seeks balance in functionality & quality & communicate with manufacturers about changes in supply chains & materials.

The works are idiosyncratic & try & play in multiple frequencies at once, try & move in the many orbits & gravitational forces propelling materials & comrades from isolation.

———Our thoughts on BRANDING & BRAND fetish culture———

The Company is uninterested in branding or creating a brand as a vehicle for sales. The Company is a collective whose purpose is to design, fabricate, & partner with manufacturers to produce varied objects with aesthetic dynamism & which bear radical inflections by those from whom The Company continues to learn & to whom our personnel listen again & again. 

The Company welcomes direct communication from any & all parties whether or not is has to do with inventory or product. The Company is a collective attempting to grow & learn & The Company has faith in dialogue & in strangers.

———Capital "C" Contradiction———

The mechanisms, partners, & the very machinery required to even attempt this collective project are infrastructures of capital & the idea that that dodging the contradictions fundamental to a system of accumulation & extraction, as this paradigm is, that there exists a purity outside the ferocity & instantaneous cruelty of capital waits beyond the property line, is a simulation The Company empathizes with but rejects. The Company intends, rather, to accept the absurdity of the situation if it does two things:

1. allows our personnel & teams to continue producing works;

2. raises capital that may be liquefied & funneled to people & organizations who do good work we believe in & support. 

Some of the organizations include the American Indian College Fund, True North Aid, Asian American for Equality, NAACP, the Romare Bearden Foundation, The Center for Afrofuturist Studies, Audre Lorde Project, Black Art Futures Fund, Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund, Trans Liberation Collective, & more.

———Work With Us———

If you want to join our mailing list you may; if you want to reach out with suggestions, feedback, or a design of your own you'd like us to examine & produce, The Co. would love to hear from you. 

Be in touch; stay safe; keep that insuperable love between going on.



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