Catalog - All of our 2020 works

The catalog contains all the any_gender, men's, & women's wear design'd & available for 2020. 

Tentatively the works frequency in amplitudinal ranges of streetwear, art_haus, or slack_style.

The works are dedicated to a-methodological unruliness & demonstrate a presiding interest in legibility, illegibility, the fungibility of the sign, & the re-purposing of text & image as a coterie of gestures, lost sound responding to calls, listening, & calling back out again.

The text pasted & superimposed on the garments draw from Emily Dickinson, Fred Moten, Julia Kristeva, Ralph Waldo Emerson, + Jean Baudrillard. As close-reading patrons have mentioned, the excerpts exemplify our aesthetic interest in the possibility + the limits of THE SIGN, or language, whether for expressive or tactical purposes.

We take to the listening multifrequencies, take to breaks in shale like sluice with gravity, submit to an opening up on loop.

We're stuck in a radical stage of incompletion & porosity impoverished impervious threshold, making osmosis & interaction—in a dark room or on the stoop of a burning capitol—one of many possible improvisatory itinerancies.

We may ask you to pass on your trigonometries in the way you best see fit.

The graphics pasted & superimposed on the garments draw from large-scale multimedia works designed, constructed, & painted in-house. T

he paintings draw largely from 20th century works Hilma af Klint, Cézanne, Klee, Frankenthaler, Elaine & Wilhelm de Kooning, Kline, Pollock, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Frankenthaler, Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Bearden, Norman Lewis, Beaufort Delauney, Alma Thomas, Basquiat, Robert Ryman, maybe some of the 19th-century impressionists.

The geometric high-contrast designs were made using the built-in .pdf/.jpeg/.PNG file reading software on an old laptop.

The idea here is that the paint department composes works that are singular, dynamic, strange, making the DTG streetwear & accessories evidence of our patrons' shared commitment to artistic practice & collaboration.

It would be hard to overstate how grateful we are that you're here, alive, & moving through a bit of the cyber gallery. We're HQr'd in Denver, Colorado, but move between Iowa & Colorado time being.

We encourage you to reach out, propose a design or line, or commission a painting.